How I’m Teaching… A resolution!

As my New Year’s resolution this year (No I normally don’t do them either!), I want to develop my thinking about my own teaching practice and education in general.

I’m in the first year of my MA studies so there are plenty of ideas floating around, I’m just terrible at actually sitting down and working out how to articulate my own thoughts on them!

To help combat my own laziness, I am committing to producing a blog post each and every week in 2021. As a starting point, I’m going to produce a series charting how I’m teaching my classes this year, the reasons I’m doing things the way I am and the observations I make along the way.

As is often the case, the school year doesn’t quite suit the courses we are delivering so, in order for my posts after New Year to make sense, I’m beginning now with ‘How I’m Teaching… A Christmas Carol

It would be great to get some discussion going along the way! If you see something that chimes with you or have a burning desire to challenge the way I’m doing things please do contribute to the comments. I’m all ears and always looking for ways to improve the deal I give to my students!

Happy Teaching!

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